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Friday, February 8, 2013

Black Team Through Eagle

Allen and team went in and out of Eagle Checkpoint during the night; they spent five hours resting there before heading to Trout Creek Hospitality Stop. After some rest there they'll head to Slaven's Cabin then on to Circle Checkpoint where we will meet up with them again.

The handler crew broke dog camp in Dawson in record time then embarked on the looooong drive back to Two Rivers. We arrived home at 5am (18 hours on the nose!) - it was a tough drive because there was very little cell coverage and we couldn't keep an eye on the tracker! We've caught some sleep in our own beds (which was quite disorientating to be honest) then this afternoon Meghan, Moira and Bob Hauer will repack "Big Red" and head up the road to greet them.

I'm unsure what sort of internet access we will have up there but I will be filming so you will get to see coverage at some point.

In the meantime, here's a few pics from Dawson City.


Joe K said...

Looks like Allen and Hugh are running together out of Trout Creek. GREAT RACE

Anonymous said...

More pictures of Allen leaving Dawson while we wait (from Sebastian Schnuelle):
Allen leaving Dawson

Anonymous said...

At 3:00 Allen's bouncing dog pulled ahead. Allen's GPS said it updated 3 minutes ago and Hugh's GPS is at 16 minutes. Even if they are running together at least Allen's bouncing dog is in the lead now.

Anonymous said...

Allen's interview in Eagle, courtesy of the YQ.

Anonymous said...


Since there is no other way I know of to contact you, here goes.
I have a question for you.
I have been a SPK fan for a number of years and the Happy year was so inspiring.
Would there be a way I can meet the Happy Girl?
I may never get to SPK for a tour but to have a moment or two with Happy would make my heart sing. The song Rawhide (from last years Quest) comes to mind. Yes - That was me.
Any way, if you wouldn't mind a small intrusion into Happy's new life, I would be happy to meet you and Happy where ever you wish.
If not, I fully understand because I respect your privacy.
I'm not sure how we will contact each other but if you're willing and I'm willing, there is a way.


Anonymous said...

Mushers Dig into Bag of Tricks as Race Picks Up

Macgellan said...

Hi Deka - You would be very welcome to visit with Happy!... We are currently living in Anacortes, WA, north of Seattle... We've been making weekly trips into Seattle as well... Probably in April, we plan to head east across the country... So, depending where you are, anything is possible... Please contact her directly at:
HappyTheSledDog@gmail.com -- Best regards, Macgellan