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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Black Team Are Out Of Dawson

They're on their way!

The Black team left Dawson City two minutes late at 7.11am this morning. There was a bootie "issue" and the run to Eagle is not the time to be without extra booties for the dogs! Meghan made a mad, but very graceful, dash back up to the campsite to find them! No problem.

The team looked well rested and ready to get moving - in lead this morning were Scout and Quito. He is without Scooter - as you know she came into Dawson in his sled bag and there just wasn't quite enough time for her to get over her sore wrist. He was really disappointed to leave her behind and she looked disappointed and a little confused to not be going. It's always a difficult thing to do but it was best for Scooter and the team.

The team are bound for Eagle checkpoint which is inaccessible to handlers so the next time we see them will be Circle City checkpoint.


Anonymous said...

... with the wings of Mercury!

kellerfrau said...

Sebastian Schnülle has taken plenty of great photos of Allen arriving at Dawson - check out the dogs and the SP Kennel Team at work!

Anonymous said...

Go Allen Go Black Team!!!!!
SP Kennel Crew have a safe drive back to Two Rivers and Circle City. Thanks for all the great updates, pictures, and videos.

Lisa B said...

Dogs look great! Go Black Team! Scruggs and Olivia make such a striking looking pair side by side - just so beautiful. Thanks for getting out the Dawson video, I appreciate every awesome post that goes on the DogLog.

Anonymous said...

Allen leaving Dawson

NC Sue said...

I LOVE seeing these videos! How awesome for the fans of SP Kennels and all mushing fans! Go Allen and dogies and good luck!

Linda Toth said...

So - question # 5,032. How do you choose a wheel dog. Aliy often uses Bonita, who is not the heftiest of ladies. Allen replaced Tatfish with Waylon, again a dog that does not look to be as solid as Mac or Biscuit. What is the criteria? I see Puppet in team and she looks strong as does Chica and Nacho, so I wonder why they are not in wheel.

There must be some special mind set that a wheel dog has.

Lynne D said...

Noticed the team was much quieter leaving Dawson - Scooter will be missed I'm sure if for nothing other than helping keep everyone else awake. God speed.