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Friday, February 8, 2013

Black Team into Slaven's Cabin

Allen and team have pulled into Slaven's Cabin and it looks like he could be resting there. Next stop will be Circle City.

A slight hitch is that the Steese Highway to the Circle and Central Checkpoints is closed at Eagle Summit due to blowing snow and difficult driving conditions. This means that, depending on how long they rest, there is a possibility the handler crew will not make it in time to greet him in Circle.

We will head up to the gates early in the morning and wait for the road to be cleared - this won't upset plans too much and it is stressing us out far more that it will him!

We are waiting and watching travel conditions and will update you asap. Now we have two websites to hit "refresh" on!


Iris said...

We were thinking of driving out to see the race and the mushers, but with the storm and closed roads we decided to wait until they reach town! I hope the mushers stay safe, weather this well, and come out with all very happy dogs.

Linda Toth said...

Well, well - Eagle Summit is showing herself to be the trouble maker we all know she is.

Anonymous said...

It's very stressful following SPKennel! Spending the night hitting "refresh," hoping Jake doesn't get too close. Wow, what a race.

Joe Kuhn said...

He's fianlly moving again

Lisa B said...

Can't imagine waiting on a road closure is helping the stress levels at the kennel, but like you guys always say "it's never easy". Impressed (as always) with how Allen is doing - Go Black Team!