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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Allen and Black Team through Mile 101 Checkpoint

Meghan and the SP Kennel Crew report that Allen came into Mile 101 with a "sassy" dog team. Quito and Scout were in lead, Puppet was still barking to go, Chica was lunging in her harness and Waylon screamed for everyone.

Allen grabbed water for himself and a few munchies then grabbed enough dog food for the next leg to Two Rivers Checkpoint. There was very little conversation as Allen was focused on his task and plan to run to Two Rivers.

We will be expecting the Black Team at the Two Rivers Checkpoint late this afternoon or evening.

Stay tuned...


Melissa said...

I so hope you will tie Allen down and get a description of his trip over Eagle Summit. I really want to know how each of the dogs did on this run. proud of them ALL!

Libby the Lab said...


Pauline Amphlett/Hugh Sym said...

Amazing sportsmanship if they did support each other p the summit Aliy.

Both well matched guys. Both tough enough to win the race. Now only mother nature and the dogs stand in their way.

Psychology will play a part in the final stages.

Would love Allen to win it this year. Fingers and toes crossed here in the UK.... :)

Pauline Amphlett/Hugh Sym said...

Just lost a post I think.


If the story is true Aliy than good on them for sticking together up the Summit.

Both men are capable of winning the race. Only Mother Nature and the dogs will have the final decision. Of course psychology will play a part in the final checkpoints.

Would love Allen to win this race, this time round!!!

Pauline & Hugh :)
(from the UK)

Anonymous said...

thanks Aliy for the updates. know you are keeping busy, taking care of the kennel puppies, so they are happy and well cared for after such a great YQ300 race for both teams. You rock! Padee in Santa Rosa CA

Anonymous said...

You are the best !!!! (Magali)

Anonymous said...

Best sportmanship and dog care kennel

Lourdes, VT said...

Wonderful!!! Congratulations in advance!!!

Gale Browning said...

Thanks for the update.

Margaret said...

Ditto on the sportsmanship and dog care comment!!!