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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yukon Quest - One Week Out

The Yukon Quest has been the central focus for SP Kennel these last few weeks. We have exactly ONE WEEK until the Race Start. As the time nears, we'd like to share our "front row hype".

As you might imagine there is an infinite amount of preparation that goes on behind the scenes. The race start is next Saturday, February 2nd at 11:00 AM. Here is a very simple calendar so you can follow the SP Kennel Crew as we inch closer to the starting line.

Sunday, January 27th
- Final packing

Monday, January 28th
- Allen and the Black Team go on a stretch out training run

Tuesday, January 29th
- Allen and Moira drive to Whitehorse (10 to 12 hours)

Wednesday, January 30th
- Yukon Quest Mushers Meeting
- Public Event "Mushers Meet & Greet"

Thursday, January 31st
- Ray, Meghan, Aliy, Ryne, Kristy and the Dogs drive to Whitehorse
- Yukon Quest Handlers Meeting
- Yukon Quest Mushers Meeting
- Yukon Quest Start Banquet

Friday, February 1st
- Calm before the storm

Saturday, February 2nd
- Race START


Dawn E said...

Looking forward to following...enjoy your Friday!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the day-to-day outline of the Yukon Quest buildup!

I will wear my Red Team hat and also cap from a couple of years ago, alternating with my Black Team cap. (I switched when ChaCha came out of retirement to lead the Black Team a couple of years ago).

Salmon steak last night and more to come this week. Bananas and peanut butter on hand in mass quantities.

Rooting for a 2013 double victory in Quest 300 and 1000. Hope we'll all be able to be supporters of "the only husband and wife team to win the Quest 1000!!!"

Macgellan said...

Like many SPK fans, I expect a week of very little sleep! Good luck to all the teams!

Margaret said...

Good luck from Weston, CT!

Mom in pa said...

I am exhausted just thinking about all you have to do! Hope it is a good, safe race and that Allen cuts 26 seconds off his time... Running toward home may give the dogs an extra kick in the final stretch! Thanks for all the wonderful posts you have given the fans this winter...

Anonymous said...

Any other training runs after Monday's stretch out run?

Lisa B said...

Exciting times! Thanks for taking a moment to give us a behind the scenes update. Glad to hear that Ray is on board again to be a handler. I'm sure he, Meghan and Moira will prepare an awesome camp to pamper Allen and the dogs at Dawson City. Good luck on the YQ300 prep too. Safe travels to all.

Anonymous said...

Our very best wishes for great races, Allen, Aliy and dogs. We're watching!

Julie and Dogs

Anonymous said...

Drive safely everyone. Is Ryne still running the red/black team?

Lourdes, VT said...

How do you guys feel? Nervous, exited, anxious, happy? How? I'm biting my fingernails already! Just be safe, all of you, and win!!! You can do it! You guys are the cream of the crop!!! Will follow every minute of the whole thing. Is Aliy going to bring her 'Aliy Cam'?
Thank you for all you do for your fans!

Take care of yourselves and of the dogs.


Anonymous said...

an anonymous dog says, "I wanna go, choose me, choose me!"

chris ferguson said...

good luck to Allen and Aliy, we will be watching and following you from our home in new zealand.

Heidi Phillips said...

Best wishes for all (dogs and humans) on a safe trip to Whitehorse....then go get'em Red,
Black, and Red and Black teams....wish I could be there to cheer everyone on!!!

Linda Toth said...

Safe Travels to all when in automobiles and on sleds. I am giving mental hugs and loves to all the SPK dogs.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited I need to pee.


Dawn E said...

question from a newbie...do the teams get any more runs between Monday and Race start?

Moosekahl said...

Safe travels to you all! See you at the finish no matter what the hour!