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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yukon Quest Food Drops

Food drop bags for the Yukon Quest and Yukon Quest 300 were due this weekend and we dropped off 56 bags to the depot to cover the BLACK team's 1000 miles and the RED team's 300.

You might wonder what goes into the drop bag - we pack snacks for the dogs (meat, fish etc) and kibble for meals, human food and snacks, booties and leggings, extra dog coats, blankets and harnesses, gloves and socks for the musher, sled plastics and a "vet pack" that includes extra ointments, wraps and algyval and other essential bits and pieces to keep dogs and mushers happy and healthy.

It takes a lot of planning, preparation and checking to get them right and each race teaches us something else about what we should and shouldn't pack in the bags by way of snacks and equipment.

Next week we start all over again for the Iditarod drop bags!


Linda Toth said...

Rats .. First time the drops were done in above 0 temperatures and I am in Seattle instead of volunteering.

Next year, when it's sure to drop back to the usual late January temperatures.

Anonymous said...

BEST OF LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!


Macgellan said...

Congrats!... That's a HUGE piece of race prep out of the way... Go Team!

kb said...

There is a video posted on Youtube regarding the food drop. There are interviews with Abbie West, Brent Sass, Lance Mackey and race manager Alex Olesenvery and a very short interview with Allen:


Anonymous said...

Check the youtube channel, an interveuw with Allen at the YQ Food Drop. (start at 5:49)

Edwin Le Doux

Lourdes, VT said...

You all have put lots of work and love on that! Best of luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Whew, great job!
Photos very informative.
Wishing you both great races!

Julie (cold like Two Rivers here today)