The Team is ready for the Kusko 300, but...

We can not safely get to Anchorage today for our flight out to Bethel. Aliy, Meghan and the 14 Kusko 300 dogs are stuck in Two Rivers due to unsafe driving conditions. The cargo has been deemed "too precious" to risk.

We are VERY bummed.

Meghan put an awful lot of extra work into preparing dog airline kennels, Bethel dog camp gear and overall truck and travel equipment. Wendy has been loads of help with last minute items. I'd like to thank them for going out of their way to make the Kusko even possible. Our hectic race schedule has had us all working non stop.

I made this decision late yesterday (1/15). I am not happy about it, but I think it is the correct one considering the freezing rain did not stop until well after midnight. Currently it is 10 degrees and sheets of ice.

I'm sorry to disappoint our race fans, but most of all, our dogs.

Kusko 300 Team Line Up:
  1. Beemer
  2. Dingle
  3. Scout
  4. Waylon
  5. Viper
  6. Ranger
  7. Pud
  8. Lester
  9. Kipper
  10. Mac
  11. Spoog
  12. Moxie
  13. Fang
  14. Bonita

Here is just a portion of this morning's Alaska DOT Official Parks Highway Road Conditions: