Solstice Race Update

Aliy is leading the race, arriving back at Pleasant Valley Store at 4:00pm.  Jodie Bailey is in second and keeping pace. Aliy will leave after her four hour mandatory rest at about 8:00pm.  She has a 32 mile loop to finish out the race.  Aliy's comment on coming in,  "The trail is really nice out there. With the fresh snow, it's really good mushing right now".  She will probably finish the race around midnight, and we'll post the results as soon as we can. 
Meghan preparing the puppies

 Meghan also arrived back at the store in good time , with a group of tired yearlings. Unofficially, she finished in second place. Her time was still being calculated when I left the Store to bring her dogs back to the kennel. We'll post her final times in the next posting.