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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quest Teams' Training Run

Allen and Meghan took 26 dogs out today for an 80 mile training run from the Two Rivers Yukon Quest checkpoint right into downtown Fairbanks following the Quest trail down the Chena River.

At this point Allen's BLACK team is not finalised so any one of the 26 could make the team. This run will narrow it down for him with the absolute final decision made the day before the race.

We caught up with them just a few miles into their run then again at the finish. (Try to figure out which team Ranger is on...!)


Anonymous said...

Does Ranger only bark when he sees people or a lot on the trail?
Thanks for the video. 80 miles in one day...wow, I'm always so impressed at their endurance.

Dawn E said...

So awesome!

Lynne D said...

Great video - can't wait for next weekend. Fingers crossed for good weather to get to Whitehorse.

Aliy Zirkle said...

Ranger barks ALL OF THE TIME. He has done that since he was a puppy and ran (while barking) on our little "puppy wheel" (like a hamster runs on.) Ranger always has something to say!

Karen Hanscom said...

Aliy, how are YOU getting ready for the race?
Karen in Maryland