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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Food Drops for Copper Basin and Kusko 300

A full SPK team effort was called on to organise the food drop bags for the upcoming Copper Basin and Kusko 300 races. A lot of thought and experience goes in to deciding the composition of the bags and forward planning is required to have the correct amount of snacks cut and kibble packaged ready to go. Allen, Aliy, Meghan, Ryne and Moira (plus Stormy and Tig) spent Saturday afternoon organising Aliy and Allen's bags for these two races.

The dog snacks include frozen turkey and chicken skins, "BLT" (beef, liver and tripe - yum!) and salmon. For their meals we use mixture of two different recipes of Eagle Pack dog food.

So, the dog food is sorted! Next up is the human food and all the other bits and pieces that make up a drop bag including fuel for the cooker, booties, dog coats, spare parts for the sleds, lines, harnesses etc etc etc! We'll think about that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Woof! Woof! Woof!

What an organization - without the forward planning the racers could be "out in the cold" and hungry, too.

Back here in CT we've been having salmon a lot to prepare for the upcoming races!

Very best of luck and thanks for keeping us updated,


Anonymous said...

Which two Eagle Packs are you using? Which thanks to you we also use! :) Julie

Dawn E said...

I see the inspectors are doing their jobs as well!

Linda Toth said...

Life IS good!