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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Eat Like an SP Kennel Musher

Ever wondered what the SP Kennel mushers eat out on the trail?

Most commercial high-energy snacks can freeze completely solid at 40 below so this, combined with the sugar rush and consequent sugar low many commercial products cause, prompted the SP Kennel mushers to look at other alternatives.

This is what we have found...

In an interview with KUAC at the Yukon Quest Food Drop in Fairbanks Allen mentioned “some oatmeal cluster things that have some white chocolate and all that good stuff. Those are the first things I’m going for.” Click here for KUAC YQ Food Drops article

We thought you might like to try them. They are fantastic for the trail - they don't freeze solid, they are super tasty and nutritious and aren't loaded with too much sugar. Why not try them while you follow along with the Yukon Quest?

1.5 cups old-fashioned oats
0.5 cup white chocolate chips
1 banana (squished)
0.5 cup sugar-free peanut butter
0.5 cup sugar-free shredded coconut
1 tsp vanilla
0.25 cup Agave syrup

Combine all ingredients, flatten into a baking dish then freeze.

Voila! Enjoy!


Macgellan said...

Wow!... That's quite a change for Allen, compared to the good old "Calorie Counter" days!

Mrs. Jaybird said...

Mmmm! Sounds delicious! Would like to hear some more!

Anonymous said...

Going to make mine with dark chocolate bit instead of white chocolate.

Hoss (ret.), Cindy and Tom said...

Sounds better than the Marathon Bars..oh well..it was the thought that counts!

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd share another snack reciepe with everyone..they're called Grape Nut Peanut Butter Bars. The reciepe makes a dozen & it all can be done in a microwave. 3/4c. PB-1c. light corn syrup-1c. sugar-4c. grape nut cereal. Microwave pb,syrup&sugar in lg bowl for 2mins on high,stirring after ea. min. add cereal & mix well. Press mixture firmly onto bottom of a 9x13 pan sprayed w/cooking spray. Cool completely & cut into bars. Yummy!!