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Sunday, January 13, 2013

CB300 Paxson Update

Allen and the BLACK TEAM have departed Paxson checkpoint and are on the trail towards Sourdough. Seven teams left the checkpoint before them.

They arrived in the early hours of this morning and made the call to take their mandatory 6 hour layover PLUS an extra 64 minutes (to allow for the starting time differential) here.

Allen's daughters Bridgett and Jennifer are here also and Bridgett caught the team's arrival on film. You can hear her asking Allen some really good questions as she herself has run this race so knows the trail intimately.

At 10.15am the team left and those of you will eagle eyes will notice the team was down to 11 dogs. With one eye firmly on the rest of the racing season Allen decided to drop Tatfish as a precautionary measure. He was showing some minor signs of soreness so the difficult decision was made to leave him with us for the rest of the race. He will enjoy plenty of massages, fish snacks and loving!

We are on our way to Sourdough checkpoint shortly and there is no internet access there so we will try to get messages through to those back at the kennel.

It's beginning to snow again, the temperatures are very warm and there is minimal wind.

Go team!


Lisa B said...

Thanks for all the videos and news from the trail. I appreciate the work you're doing to get updates out to us. Allen looks to be have an excellent race. Go Dogs!

Kim said...

Thanks for the great up dates. It is really good having video
shots too, although it makes me want to be doing it myself! Good Luck Black Team for the rest of the race.

Looking good!

Lourdes, VT said...

As always, thank to the support crew for all the wonderful work you do! Thanks Allen for taking such good care of the dogs, and a BIG KUDOS TO QUITO, you are a wonderful girl. I love you ALL!!! Alie, how are you doing? Are you back at SP Kennel? Wish you all the best!

mushmore said...

Thanks for using YouTube for your videos. Great looking team. Go black.....

Linda Toth said...

The enthusiasm of the hounds is music to my ears.