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Sunday, January 13, 2013

CB300 Paxson - Quick Update

The BLACK TEAM rolled into Paxson at (unofficially) 3.11am making the run through from Chisto 6 hours, 44 minutes - this time is still to be confirmed but currently is one of the fastest run times so far.

The team looked good as Quito and I.V. led them into the checkpoint. They ate all their snacks upon arrival, settled into their straw beds quickly and are right now enjoying a rest.

It was an advantageous decision to wait a little longer in Chisto, although Allen still had some difficulty finding the trail due to the fresh snow, despite the other mushers going over the trail before him, and he had to run from marker to marker. He did say the trail was very well marked and the Gulkana River crossing was well placed for a dry crossing.

Allen is going to eat and rest himself here also and we'll let you know what time they head out later this morning.


Anonymous said...

Hi Moira,

Thanks a lot for the updates. Wendy and I know what it is like to wait until the small hours or the morning to post updates. I am wearing out the refresh button looking for these updates.


Dawn E said...

Thanks for the update!