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Monday, January 7, 2013

A Musher's Job is Never 'Done'

With the Copper Basin, Kusko and Yukon Quest just around the corner there are a thousand and one things that need doing. Along with getting the dogs 'race ready' there are plenty of other important details that keep everyone busy. I caught up with Allen yesterday as he was working in the garage and I asked him what he was up to.


Dawn E said...

Wow! TIME FLIES...30 days to the Quest!

Linda Toth said...

Something interesting was going on in the yard .. the dogs were howling and just all around vocal about things.

Anonymous said...

So what's the line-up for the team?

mushmore said...

Thanks for all your help today for us trying to find pleasent valley and our way back home....... Your directions were great. We made it back to the kennels about 530 pm. Long day on a snowmachine.... Was on Jenny m and everywhere else where we had no clue where we were. Again thanks. Barb