Friday, December 14, 2012

Yukon Quest Fundraising Auction

Last Friday evening the Yukon Quest held an auction and wine and beer tasting event to raise funds for the 2013 race. Aliy was the auctioneer and she did a sterling job helping the Quest raise quite a few thousand dollars for their organisation.

Hotly contested items for auction included "Musher for a Day" packages from Brent Sass, Hugh Neff, Paige Drobny/Cody Strathe and SP Kennel!

Can you spot Allen there too amongst the other Quest mushers?


Macgellan said...

Wow, Aliy, great SPK formal-event attire!... Fancy RED jacket and clean muck mucks... You rock!... Good job on the fundraising, too!... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Third from the right, disguised in red hat?

Sarah said...

I'm not sure which question I should be asking: How on earth did they wrangle all those men into tuxedos, or how on earth did Allen escape?

In any event, everyone looks great!

Hoss (ret.), Cindy and Tom said...

Allen's tux still at the dry cleaners?