Friday, December 21, 2012

White Mountains Camping Trip (Video)

Aliy captured some great footage on the way out of the White Mountains Recreational Reserve on Monday morning. It was a gorgeous morning and you can see how the light changes as the sun rises - you can also hear Ranger chatting all the way along the trail!

What better way to enjoy such a beautiful corner of the world than on the back of a dog sled!


Badas Musher said...

Very cool... I laugh when I hear a dog barking while running... my son and I call them Disney Dogs... lol

Anonymous said...

How absolutely gorgeous!!! The colors are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of Alaska with us!!!

Thinking warm thoughts for SP teams,



Terry Plumart said...

Awesomely beautiful country up there and a fine looking team running! Breathtaking, truly! You are so very lucky to be able to see such sights every day. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Linda Toth said...

Hey - that new video camera ROCKS! The colors and clarity of images are wonderful.

Sue Kotlarek said...

Wow! This was one of the prettiest, neatest, coolest, faboulous, greatest, simplest, videos ever!!!! Thank you for sharing.
Question. How come the dogs lungs dont "freeze" in 40 below temperatures?


Anonymous said...

I really liked this video as well as the Shaktoolik kids' video. Thank you, Aliy.

NCL said...

Nice! Very nice!