Sunday, December 2, 2012

More From the Firebreak

We hope you enjoy this short video from the Firebreak training run last month. Check out all the wagging tails when Aliy stops for a quick break!


Mom in PA said...

Enjoy these almost daily posts with my morning coffee... What a fun way to start the day! You are doing a wonderful job of posting and we all enjoy seeing what the dogs are up to in training.

Macgellan said...

That's a whole lotta tail waggin'!

ann said...

I agree with mom in PA. Love all the posts I am all geared up for the race season. Thanks for all the hard work posting these for us.
I was wondering which dog is in the video, on the left side as you look up the line, the dog is wearing a jacket and is trying to be a professional staying lined up but all the other dogs are pulling him/her out of line. They are just so wonderful.
Ann in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Is it warming up a bit? (Thanks again for weather forecast on the left side of the page.) I've been thinking warm thoughts about the team! Woof!