Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fresh Snow

Our "snow dance" worked and we've had a few inches of fresh snow with more still falling as we post this. We are very excited to finally have snow, it makes the trails not only much better for mushing but also very pretty!

Aliy took a video on Sunday around some home trails after the first inch or so of snow fell overnight.

Lead: Scout and Quito, Swing: Ranger and Chemo, Team: Boondocks and Rambler, Wheel: Tug and Pud


Anonymous said...

OH yeah! we were all doing snow dances. great sound of the sleds on snow. see you all soon! Padee Santa Rosa CA

Anonymous said...

Oh, the presence of white snow and the SLED (as opposed to the noisy three-wheeler) are welcome!!! The team passed with ease, and I didn't notice Ranger or anybody else checking out the females on the stopped team!

Christmas will be coming, and it is always nice to have snow cover for Santa and his sleigh!!! All the best to the four-legged and two-legged SP Kennel folks!

Thanks so much for sharing!


Macgellan said...

Nice vid... Nice pass...Great to see snow!
Ranger and Chemo look fantastic together!