Monday, December 10, 2012

Aliy's Yearling Run

Aliy took the yearlings, along with Spicy, out for a run a couple of weeks ago. Here you can see the future of SP Kennel very early in their careers; it will be fun to look back at this in a few years time!

You will notice most of them are running with neck-lines - this is because youngsters sometimes just don't know which way is forward and the neck-lines help to reduce the chaos that is a "yearling run"!


Indrek said...

Lovely! They dont seem to mind a little mess with the lines..handling it nice and calm :)

Anonymous said...

What a way to start my day back in Connecticut - with my first cup of coffee!

They yearlings looked pretty darn professional, especially Mismo, in some shots!!! Love the "boys will be boys" attitude of ChaCha's two guys!


Lourdes, VT said...

Very well behaved puppies! You can tell trail running is in their blood! Lourdes, VT

Lisa B said...

I know Spicy is somewhat petite and Mismo's dog trading card mentions eating for his mammoth body, but seeing them side by side really shows that Mismo is a GIANT. How does he compare to big boy Mac? Pretty close I'd bet.

Extra ear scratches to Spicy for running with the youngsters.

I asked Santa to send you some snow for Christmas - hope he delivers.

Thanks for posting the video.

Anonymous said...

Just check ADN website, as I do for updating my own "round the USA" newspaper daily routine, and VOILA!!!

It is snowing in Anchorage - your followers living several time zones away should make sure to check SP Kennel website link to Two Rivers looks like a couple of days of the white stuff coming!!!

Hope this means good news for the racing season! Best of luck!!!