Monday, November 26, 2012

SP Kennel Invitational - Videos

Here are the videos from Saturday's SP Kennel In-house Invitational Race for you to enjoy. In the interests of "load-ability" we've made three separate videos. The first is Aliy explaining the route and rules, Race Marshall Ray with some ground rules and the drafting of teams. You don't have the entire footage, as you can see there were plenty of banter and the draft took quite some time!

In this second video you will see the teams hooking up and leaving the yard. Check out the different strategies with harnesses and dogs and you can make you own mind up who had the best form.

Finally, the finish. Not all of the finishes were captured on video unfortunately as there was an awful lot going on at once but you will get the idea! This is followed, as with any race, by the prizegiving and finish banquet. The purse wasn't large this year - simply a certificate and bragging rights!


Marla BB said...

What a blast!
You all know how to dog sled party!!

Anonymous said...

The greatest fun/greatest kennel, yea, SPK.
Julie and pals

Margaret said...

Wow, those dogs love to run!!! Once they got set up they were off like a shot!

This is going to be one fun season to be following SP Kennel, if the Invitational 10-miler is any measure!

What a privilege to be included in your fun through the website - thanks so much!

Lisa B said...

Thanks for sharing this family-filled day with us. Looks like it was lots of fun and great training for the dogs. Nice to see Bridgett behind a sled again. Looking forward to cheering for Aliy & Allen in the Sheep Mountain.

Macgellan said...

Fantastic!... What a great race and a great time for all...

It's especially fun to see how the dogs picked up on the chaos... "What the heck is going on here?... Do these humans have any idea what they're doing?... Hey, wait, where's the rest of my team mates?... Oh, we're going now?... Okay, let's roll!"... Awesome!

A very special howl-out to Moira!!!!... Great coverage in impossible circumstances... Great videos that really give us a feel for the energy, excitement and fun!... Thank you!... You're ready for YOUR first "real" race, too!

Please, please, make this an annual event!!!

babs said...

Great job, mushers!
Way to go, dogs!
Well done, judges!
Yay, Invitational-Riders!
And the Ocsar goes to... the videographer!!

That was too much fun!

Aliy, please tell me that the only reason you picked Bonita first wasn't location, location, location ;)

Aliy Zirkle said...

I LOVE Bonita!!
I'd pick her any day!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all the comments above. How did Lil Deb and Meg do? Thanks for sharing the terrific fun for all doggies and mushers and the judges. I cant wait to visit again. Great job filming Moira and great race Meghan.
Padee Santa Rosa CA

Anonymous said...


As Macgellan said, "great edit job" -
no hesitation, just go for it!

From one who knows about edits on the can't think too much!

P.S. Thanks again for the video edit!

Linda Toth said...

Oh ho

Watch Linda and Teresa do the victory dance. OUR dogs were on the first place and second place teams! IV and Puppet - RAH!

Who cares about the mushers anyway?

Good work Moira, very nicely done and Mac, the changes you made for rapid updates are incredible.