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Thursday, November 22, 2012

SP Kennel Invitational "Race"

SATURDAY, November 25th

The Two Rivers Tune Up Sled Dog Race has been cancelled due to lack of adequate snow. The race course is hard packed and the Two Rivers Club Trail Boss does not think he can adequately and safely mark the route. (In other words... the darn markers won't stick in the limited amount of snow on the ground.)

But, you say... the SP Kennel dogs (and mushers) are ready to race! So, we have decided to have an Invitational SP Kennel "Race" of our own.
SP Kennel dogs and SP Kennel mushers.

1. Coffee at 10 AM.
2. Teams will be selected after coffee.
3. Each team will be comprised of:
- one "mature dog" (over 7 years)
- four "middle-aged dogs" (2 to 6 years)
- one "youngster" (1 year old.)
In order of entry, each musher will select their first dog, then each musher will choose their second dog, then each musher will choose their third dog and so on ... until each team has 6 dogs.
4. Each musher will be given a map of the course. Approximately 10 miles.
5. Each team must carry one 40 pound sack of Eagle Pack MVP Dog Food and 2 snow hooks.
6. Race Starts at 11 AM (hopefully.)
7. Ray Crowe is Race Marshall. (So, absolutely no griping or complaining.)
8. Moira Shepherd is Race Timer. (She's from a different hemisphere, so if the times are a little off... deal with it!)
9. If it's cold on race day, then dress appropriately!

1. Aliy Zirkle
2. Allen Moore
3. Meghan Luke
4. Ryne Olson
5. Bridgett Watkins
6. Bob Hauer

1. Race Timing begins at 11 AM when the first musher begins harnessing dogs. Each musher is responsible for harnessing their own team. The Race Marshall can help the teams while hooking up and leaving the yard.
2. The next musher starts harnessing their team 5 minutes after the first musher, and so on, until the last musher harnesses and leaves.
3. All mushers race the 10 mile course.
4. When the teams return to the yard, the musher must give their team a wet snack and return the dogs to their houses. (The correct houses.)
5. Race Timing ends when the musher puts the last dog back at his/her house.
6. A 5-minute time penalty will be applied to all mushers who do not help with race day pre-coffee morning chores.

Team Rosters will be posted the day of the race!


Swanny said...

That sounds like SO much fun. Hope you are having a great day and enjoy the race.

Anne said...

What a terrific idea! I hope there's someone left to take pictures - I have a feeling that there are going to be some funny and exciting moments!

Anonymous said...

What fun, wish I could be there!

Lynne D said...

Gotta love the improvisation of the SP Kennel clan - way to go and have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a fun race! I hope there is a race photographer and videographer.

I'm rooting for the team who gets Scout, in honor of all the Boy and Girl Scouts.

Have a great time!

Macgellan said...

Sounds like a blast!...

Just one suggestion: Change the dog selection order to 1-2-3-4-5-6, 6-5-4-3-2-1, etc... Might make it a little more fair for Ryne, Bridgett and Bob?

Have fun!

Margaret said...

Looking forward to reading all about the SP KENNEL INVITATIONAL - that's a darn competitive bunch going for bragging rights out in the dog yard!

Will ChaCha come out of retirement for this? Or perhaps she will be the assistant race marshal...

Have fun everybody!

Linda Toth said...

Oh ho, Mac.

We hope to make it out to cheer on the teams!

Aliy Zirkle said...

Watch out! It's getting competitive around here!
Various mushers are starting to talk "SMACK"!!

(Mac .... more fair for Ryne, Bridgett and Bob ?? Huh? I'm trying to win!)

Jeff Buddington said...

Good call, Mac! Sorry Aliy, LMAO... Yeah that's how we do it for fantasy football season, odd numbered rounds go 1-6, even numbered rounds go 6-1. Wish we had a live draft, that would be cool. Ok, here's how I would select my team: Round 1: primary leader, Round 2: wheelie, Round 3: wheelie, Round 4: secondary leader, Round 5: older dog, Round 6: yearling. But then there is the inevitable BEST DOG AVAILABLE scenario which throws a wrench into everything. Also, as TUG's agent, I demand notification before selection :p

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Ro Sham BO for Doggies and start alphabetically.
Can't wait to see & hear how it goes. Looks like Moira will be wearing skates on her feet to keep up with all the work. Have a HOWLING good time. More snow, more snow...! Padee Santa Rosa CA

Lisa B said...

Next year you need a third division to go with the 10 mile race and the juniors - it should be the SP Kennel Rookie division. This would consist of friends and family members that we know about through the Dog Log, but we don't know much about their mushing skills. I'm thinking of folks like Scotty, Jennifer & her husband, Ray & Kaz, friends of Ryne, etc. No doubt they all know their way around a sled, but they would all be rookies in the eyes of Dog Log fans.

Who has what it takes to be SP Kennel Invitational Rookie of the Year?

If a Rookie of the Year title isn't enough of a competitive spin, then how about all the experienced mushers mentor a rookie. Obviously, the winning rookie had the best mentor...