SP Kennel Invitational Race - Junior Division

SATURDAY, November 25th - 1 PM

In addition to the 10-mile division, the SP Kennel Invitational Race will include a Junior Division. Each musher will have to navigate their team of two dogs around a pre-made race track. In the event of a crash, mushers are encouraged to hop back on the sled as quickly as possible with outside assistance if needed. Age limit - 7 years

Junior Mushers: 

1. Sammy 
2. Noah Jane 
3. Merica Gale 
4. Jacob 
(entries are still being accepted)

Each musher will have the opportunity to select their team from a group of experienced dogs including: 

Chacha, Tony, Teddy, Stormy, Bullet, Malibu, Rose, Beemer, Ranger and Honda. 
Dogs may run in multiple teams. Rosters will be posted after teams are picked. 
May the fastest team win (although everyone is a winner with prizes for all).