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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Like It Just Like That!

It's always fun to watch the dogs when they get fresh straw for their houses. Many of them spend time getting it just the way they want with "this bit over here" and "some more over there in the corner".

Some of them even take the trouble to create more of an indoor/outdoor flow so they can enjoy a straw bed outside when the sun is around or on the warmer evenings. Sissy and Boondocks are two that enjoy the flexibility of the indoor/outdoor flow.

We recently gave Sissy a "new" house with a larger opening as we believe she might have been slightly claustrophobic in her old one. It's not the best house on the block - it's actually the worst house we own but it was the only one she would get in and she seems much happier now.

Looks pretty cozy though huh?


Anonymous said...

Home Sweet Home!

Anonymous said...

Love to see the distinct personalities and how you
keep them happy!

Macgellan said...

I'm glad Sissy appreciates how much "renovation" Huey did on that house!

Anonymous said...

Yes, some dogs just like a little more fresh air, less smell or dusty straw. Besides putting spruce bows with the straw (also to keep the straw in the house and as an anti tussent) a smaller dog sometimes has too much confined air space surrounding her and the house tends to frost up inside more than others - it gets too warm in there and then that cold wet hoar falls onto you and even melts if it is not a very fury dog. A larger opening and lots of cushioning straw to build a nest just does the trick. Sometimes I add a 2x4 as a ledge for that nonchalant chin rest variety.
Great job.