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Monday, November 5, 2012

Golf Puppies Stretching Their Legs

Meghan and Moira took Driver, Sandy and Iron, along with Tig the Labrador, for a run and spent some time playing in a nearby field the other day. Here's a fun video from that day. Watch out for the "mauling" at the end - I am happy to say the camera survived intact!


Gale Browning said...

Loved the licks at the end.

Macgellan said...

Fun video... Made my day... Thanks!... Glad to hear your camera survived its first mauling... Now you know one of the ways I busted six cameras during my winters at SPK!

Anonymous said...

great fun puppies and people. especially the puppy tackle or the Dog pile at the end.. and where are Wedgy,Woody and Chipper? great video clips and action this Fall and Winter. Thanks SP Kennel family and friends. Padee In Santa Rosa CA