Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fire Break Training Part 2

Here's part two in the series of videos taken earlier this month. In this video Aliy talks a little about her leaders on the day and also how this trail got its name.

The team is: Lead - Quito and Boondocks, Swing - Olivia and IV, Team - Willie and Scout, Nacho and Pud, Nutmeg (by herself) and in Wheel are Bonita and Boris.

(It gets a little wobbly in parts, apologies for that!)


Mille said...

Nice blog! I would like to have the wind stopper jackets for my dogs. Where can I buy theme? And the male protection, is it made from fur?

Margaret said...

A lot of talent out there!!! Can't wait to see the season unfold!

Anonymous said...

Aliy, what factors are part of your decisions about which dog pairs up with which other dog when training or racing?