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Friday, October 5, 2012

Sad News

I do not want to share this particular kennel news.  I would much rather sit in a corner in my house, wondering why and keep this to all to myself.  In no way will sharing this make me feel better or make anyone else feel good.  I simply feel obligated to share this news in order to remain open and honest about our dog family.

Bonnie died.  She was one year and three days.  There was no trauma.  She died peacefully laying in front of her house after a morning run and then breakfast.

We had an autopsy done right away.  There was no obvious signs of trauma.  However, the most likely cause was cardiac arrhythmia (or abnormal electric activity in the heart.)  We have sent heart tissue samples to a lab for further investigation.  It is unknown whether we will learn any more details.

Bonnie was ChaCha's last female puppy (fathered by Paul Gebhart's Lieutenant).  Her brothers are Clyde and Outlaw.

Please, no sympathies or comments.

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