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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Golf Litter is 8 weeks old

Oh my, how time flies!

Our spunky little Putt Pirates have their 8 week old birthday this week. They are sprouting like weeds along the fairway.  We aren't too worried because this intense grow rate seems to be on par with their one year older siblings: the Latinos.  

Driver seems to always be in the rough.  "Darn it."

Sandy and Wedgy love to play in the bunker.  "Hey, this is kinda tight!"

Woody is quite the duffer. "No, I'm not!"

Chipper has a heck of a swing! "If my brother would just move his rump!"

Wedgy and Iron had a long day on the range.

What a day - it's clearly time for a nap.

Noses left to right: Driver, Woody, Sandy, Iron, Wedgy, Chipper


JQ said...

Beautiful pups.


ann said...

I am enjoying reading your blog stories viewing your video and pictures. The puppies are adorable. I am unfortunately on a medical leave so I have been enjoying your stories a lot. You have a new fan in Ohio

Margaret said...

They are beautiful little dogs - losing baby fat real fast!!!

(Any more recent pics of the Outlaws?)

Chipper looks like mommy Poquita - at least from the lovely pictures!

Thanks so much for sharing!

maggie said...

Love the group picture of all 6 puppies...wonderful to see them!

Macgellan said...

Who is the human in the photo?

Macgellan said...
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Anonymous said...

ohhh, they are soooo cute! Nice work on raising them Quito and sp kennel