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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Special Visitor - Mickey's Musings IV

SP Kennel is a magnet for visitors throughout the year. During the summer the kennel is especially busy hosting 'visiting dignitaries' from near and far.

Last week we welcomed Linda Steiner, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Clarion Suites and Quality Inn in Downtown Anchorage. Linda is not only a very dear friend, but also the driving force for giving SP Kennel mushers, pit crew and dogs a home in Anchorage during the Iditarod start. Early each March, our kennel crew is treated like royalty by the Clarion Suites staff while the dogs occupy a secure corner of the parking lot and the people occupy a row of comfy rooms. This ensures the very best rest for all just before hitting the Iditarod starting chute. Over the past 5 years, the Clarion Suites and Quality Inn have become vitally important SP Kennel major sponsors. 

Linda is not only a fantastic hospitality professional but she is also a dedicated 'dog person'. During her kennel visit she got to chat with Aliy and Allen, eat some fresh halibut on the deck and check out this summer's kennel improvement projects. But most important, she got to visit with dogs - retired dogs, racing age dogs, yearlings and puppies. She sure loved cuddling up to the Golf litter pups. She, Aliy and several canine buddies explored local training trails on ATV four wheelers. And Linda fearlessly wielded a bucket and ladle to help feed breakfast to 52 excited huskies. By the end of her visit, Linda was covered in muddy dog prints and dog kisses.  And she was wearing a huge SP Kennel smile. 
Linda and Willie 'do' breakfast.
Linda, thanks for all your support and for being a dear friend to SP Kennel!


Melissa K. said...

I'm impressed with Linda's muscles. I can't lift a full 5 lb. bucket - much less with one hand and scoop with the other.

Melissa K. said...

of course I meant 5 gal. bucket. I can definitely lift 5 lbs!

Anonymous said...

I think Willie was impressed too - and certainly making sure he got the correct amount from this "new" handler!!!