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Friday, July 27, 2012

Guess the Imposter

Today on my walk, I took out five sled dogs as well as Jezzy, Tig, and Stormy. In this video, I was throwing sticks for Jezzy and Tig to fetch in the slough; however, you can imagine my surprise when one of the sled dogs decided to become a retriever as well! Take a guess at who s/he is!


Anonymous said...

is it Happy? the camera movement sure keeps us guessing?
fun stuff. thanks from Padee in Santa Rosa CA

Julie said...

Martin's pups are retrievers as well, love jolly balls too.

Melissa K. said...

Is it Tony?

Ryne said...

Great guesses, but if you look closely, you'll see it's Mac!

Margaret said...

Thank you Ryne and a belated congrats for your terrific Iditarod!

But of course it was Mac - and not Happy. Traits being passed from dog to human and back to dog is a possibility here - Happeeeee not in the fine blood line, but has an in with sponsor, if I recall correctly!!!

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