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Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome Puppies!

What has "MVD" Quito been doing the last few days?

Taking care of her brand new babies!!
Three boys and three girls.  We love it - Mother Nature was equal!

Two of the boys are black and white.  The largest, active fellah is DRIVER (left).  He is pushing his siblings around already.  The little, mostly white bodied boy, with brown checks is calm and collected.  That's IRON. (right)

White? Quito is sliver and Daddy Biscuit is black with brown and white trim.
Is there a "Milkman" in the neighborhood, you ask??  

No.  Quito (as well as her caretakers) was very selective during the breeding.  Biscuit's mother, Lillith, and these pups' Grandmother, had a white and black pup two years before Biscuit was born. So, there are "white" genes in the past.  We always tell people that Alaskan Huskies, as well as us dog mushers, are color blind anyhow.  We don't care what color our "Super Dogs" are!

Here is a close up of IRON. (below)

WOODY is the big Brown boy with a racing stripe down his back. (below)  He is never far from his Mama. 

The twin black girls are SANDY (left) and WEDGY (right).  SANDY has a white collar around her entire neck and a small spot on her forehead.  Wedgy has a half collar and a larger forehead spot.  These two will certainly take on individual traits as they continue to grow, but right now.... don't blink, you'll get them confused!

 CHIPPER is the small spitfire and the last to be born.  She was shy for the camera - so her photo is yet to come.



Deb said...

Golf puppies? They are pretty darn cute. And mama Quito had them right on time. And now they get to eat, sleep and grow up like their brothers/sisters. Congratulations to MVD and dad Biscuit.

Moosekahl said...

They are looking up to "par" for sure!! Welcome to the world little guys!!

Mom I. Pa said...

When you have the right clubs in the bag... And in the right hands... We can look to a lot of wins in the future!

Way to go MVD Quito!

Melissa said...

Has it been 9 weeks already? Congratulations to Quito and Biscuit! It will be fun to see them grow up and I hope to see some puppy videos this summer. Quito's house looks beautiful with its new paint job.

Macgellan said...

Good dog Quito!... Congrats to all!

I'm already looking forward to future media interviews:
"Who are your lead dogs?"...
"I've got Wedgy up front next to Spoog!"...

Priceless!... For everything else, there's MasterCard!

Cyndy said...

Hmm...so much for the ANWR names! Did Allen sneak away to golf while we were there?

Margaret said...

Wonderful news on the pup front (I assume ChaCha's three are doing well)!!!

May these Quito-Bicuit pups become chips off the old block - best to everyone at SP Kennel.

Back here in Connecticut, I wear my Red Team baseball cap and people ask me - what's that? And I say that I follow SP Kennel. And then I add, "the Red Team came in 2nd in the Iditarod" this year..."

Anonymous said...

Well, listen out for the silence coming from NZ tomorrow morning. This news will render Indigo speechless.....and that is not something that happens very often!