Monday, June 11, 2012

"These are my puppies!"

Quito is a proud mama.  And here she is showing you her pups.

The weather has been unpredictable thus far this summer.  Blistering hot (60 to 70 above) in between torrential down pours.  Therefore, the Quito puppy pen has been moved inside the garage.  It is cooler inside and we can keep the top off of the whelping box all the time.  Pups and mama seem pretty content.

Here is CHIPPER'S first glamour shot:


Jennifer Thomasson said...

So adorable!! Mama looks very proud of her adorable litter!

MBB said...

Love that fire engine red birthing box! Nice paint job too...

They are so beeyoooooooooutiful!

Mazel Tov,
Marla & Ruby:)

Margaret said...

"RED" team MVD leader's "dog house" is what color - RED!

(The pups look as if they could "paw" through the site right now!)

Any pix of ChaCha's brood?

Thanks again for giving me such please in vicariously enjoying the dogs, Alaska and adventures, sincerely,