Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mickey's Musings - II

You faithful SP Kennel followers are accustomed to seeing lots of snow, ice and arctic darkness on these posts. There is another side of Interior Alaska which we are experiencing right now.

It was Summer Solstice yesterday! Today the sun is above the horizon for about 22 hours. When the sun does set it merely bows briefly leaving a sliver glow at 2 AM. With 24 hours of light, the Alaskan windflowers are raucously blooming. We are surrounded by wild roses, bluebells, miniature dogwood and intensely purple iris.


Humans and canines are relishing the mild weather!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the flora pix!

Dogwood season is over now in CT, just about (Kousa still has its blooms). Enjoy the sunlight!

Woof! Woof! to the Red Team 4-legged members, and a Woof! tot he Black and Black/Red, too!!!

Bogey153 said...

Gorgeous photos. Quite a change from the winter landscape! Thanks for sharing.

Linda Toth said...

Nice photos ... Are you referring to the chiming bells, when you say blue bells? I posted several photos of wildflowers as well .. the warm weather seems to have promoted color with a flourish this year.