Monday, June 18, 2012

Mickey's Musings - First Installment

Mickey and ChaCha, SP Kennel Mothers
SP Kennel has a steady parade of dedicated volunteers. Those of you who have been following the blog know Ryne, handler extraordinaire and Iditarod finisher, and Wes and Wendy, this past season's super versatile volunteer couple. Ryne is due back home in Alaska in a few weeks, having travelled afar since May. Wes and Wendy are spending the summer exploring Alaska in warmer temps, a decidedly different experience than their winter here.

Aliy's dad and mom, Doug and Mickey, have arrived in Two Rivers, from their winter home in Florida. They will both act as part-time kennel volunteers until the end of September. This is Mickey writing this post and I hope to provide you readers with a little flavor of what goes on at SP Kennel during the warmer months. Topics will include: SP puppies, SP retiring canine athletes, kennel improvements, kennel visitors, Aliy and Allen as mushing ambassadors and much, much more.

I plan to update the blog at least weekly through September. Aliy will add her thoughts occasionally, probably from her customary computer work site at her kitchen table around 2 AM. At least there is sunlight here at that time!

I became one of the first volunteers years ago when SP Kennel was in its infancy.  I've been involved in most aspects of kennel development over the years. Now I look forward to bringing you SP happenings during the summer of 2012.

Thanks for following the 'continuing adventures' of SP Kennel!


Anonymous said...

Mickey, welcome to Alaska! Can't wait to read your weekly thoughts! What fun!

-- A displaced Alaskan now in South Texas.

alaska_escape said...

Good to know that we will have informations during summer!

If you need some help with the blog, we are in Two Rivers and would LOVE to come and take some pictures to illustrate the blog!

Have a great summer

Linda F said...

Mickey, You won't remember me but I met you in 2009 in Nome before we went on Aliy and Allen's ANWR adventure! Look forward to following SP Kennel for the first time all summer and especially watching the progress of the new pups!! Thanks for taking on the job!!

Linda Finkel

Anonymous said...

Hi Mickey,
What a good idea. We'll be looking forward to your posts!
Stella and Louise

NCL said...

I love hearing about what goes on during the warmer months. Thanks very much for taking the time to share!

Linda Toth said...

Hey Mickey .. Glad to have you around this summer and looking forward to the updates.

Anonymous said...

SPKennel's website is my favorite blog. In fact, I became a fan because of it. I am so glad that you are going to blog through the summer. I have always enjoyed your writing.
Take care...wish I was there! :)

Hoss (retired) said...

Hi Mickey,
You may remember me...Hoss. I live in Pennsylvania now (with my humans Tom and Cindy) and I miss Alaska, It is 95 F here today, a far walk from the cool Alaskan nights in ANWR. But my humans have air conditioning to keep me comfortable (thank goodness!). Have fun with the pups! All I have to play with are two cats.