Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mushing Magazine Podcast

"Mushing" The magazine of dog-powered adventure has published in their May/June 2012 edition an interview with Aliy and Allen.  The interview is also available via podcast at:

The SP Kennel canine athletes were featured as this edition's "Super Dogs".  
(SP Kennel Dog Sponsors keep an eye out for your own personal copy mailed to you today.)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Springtime at SP Kennel!

Cool nights and warm days are what signifies spring in Two Rivers.  The green leaves and grass are yet to appear, but songs from Robins and Sandhill cranes envelope the air.  It will not be long until the fields are full of fireweed, grass, and wild roses.

SP Kennel headquarters
Aliy and Allen ventured south for a two week period with stops in Anchorage, Arkansas and a quick family visit in Texas.  They returned home relieved to be back in Alaska where a "traffic jam" means a moose is grazing beside Chena Hot Springs Road and 2 or 3 pick up trucks must slow down to pass her.

The dogs have started their "vacation" as well.  The yard is no longer full of snow (or melting snow).  Spring break up was a challenge for Wes and Wendy, as they moved dogs from damp spots to drier ones until the melting stopped.  They deserve a huge "thank you" for their dedication to the kennel this season.

Summer will be busy at SP Kennel, but enjoyable.  We received many inquiries regarding visiting the kennel in June, July or August.  If no one responded to you, we apologize, there was simply too much going on this winter to begin looking at the summer calendar.  So, if your plans still include a day or two in the Fairbanks area contact us for a visit.  SP Kennel does not have costly daily tours or tour guides, but if your schedule and Aliy and Allen's line up, then we can plan a visit.  We know how much our dogs enjoy visitors, now and then, and we are proud to show off SP Kennel.