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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Video of Ryne and the Red & Black Team

Iditarod Airforce took this. Finally a look at Ryne on the trail!


Margaret said...

Thanks so much - clearly, the weather can be a serious factor for all participants in the Iditarod, human, animal, mechanical, everyone and everything!

Thanks for this video from day #4 - Ryne sounded just like Aliy - and the speaker even referred to "Aliy's other team" =- woof, woof!!!

kb said...

Ryne is awesome!

Congratulations, Aliy, on being the first to Unalakleet! So many fans are rooting for you to win.

Linda Toth said...

Hooray! Ryne has held on to her 38th position after her 8 hour. I couldn't be happier with her rookie run.

Jean Battig said...

I've been following the race from a far (Oregon!). I'm so proud of Aliy, Allen and Ryne. I miss being in Alaska and being part of Aliy's life!
I'll be glued to the computer. What a race!

Jean Battig

jgrogg2001@yahoo.com said...

Jean ...
I am so sorry you are not closer ... had no idea you were down here with the rest of us!! I was going through pics from when you were in Nome with us for a photo frame ... and was waxing more than nastolgic. We miss AK every day it seems.
Jennifer & Don Grogg