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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two Rivers Valley Finale-Final

For those of you waiting breathlessly at home for the results of the Two Rivers Race today, you can breathe now. The race went well. The weather was cooperating, with an overcast sky, and soft snow falling all morning. This kept temperatures hovering right between 20-30 degrees above zero. Wes was bib #5, and it wasn't long before we were busy harnessing, and getting the dogs ready to run. He pulled the hook and quick release right from the back of our pick up truck. I think this must be an indication that we have become "mushers"....when you hook and release your team from the back of your own truck!
He soon found the two bags of dog food he was carrying to slow down the team were really not needed. Sprint mushers were flying past him. The trail was fast, but with the new half inch of snow it slowed down, and was just about right for a short distance race. As he mushed past our house (aka Casa de Kaz) he threw out the bags of dog food and immediately caught up to the next musher, and began overtaking.
Overall, the trip around was uneventful, and he was sixth into the finish line. However, the overall race is decided on who can finish the course with the fastest time not who crosses the finish line first. As you can see from the standings list, Wes placed a respectable 9th in the overall race-within seconds of three other mushers. For a first race, it's a fair place to be--the middle of the pack!

During the races, Kaz and Sammy hunted Easter Eggs in the field behind the store, and won some great prizes and lots of candy! Everyone ended the day with a wonderful community potluck, and lots of laughs watching the kids race 1 and 2 dogs around the track. Thanks to those of you who came out to visit and cheer us on! And a BIG THANK YOU to the Two Rivers Mushers Association, who organizes the race each year; and Pleasant Valley Store for hosting us. It was truly a Fun Run! - WB


Anonymous said...

This sounds like the perfect day. I am sorry to have missed it.

AWESOME JOB WES and of coure the amazing dogs!

Linda Toth said...

Good Job W & W.

Anonymous said...

That's great, Wes and Wendy, what fun and the Easter Bunny too , enjoyed your writeup, congratulations! A great SPK year :)