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Friday, March 2, 2012

SP Kennel Meets the Fans

Today has been a busy day for SP Kennel--canines and humans! Starting bright and early Friday morning, the dogs woke up for their first stretching and feeding of the day. They were full of energy and pulling on their leashes to run. Later, Aliy, Allen and Ryne visited with the Clarion, Quality Inn, and Rodeway Inn staff. The staff have been great hosts forall of us at the hotels. They love the dogs, and spend any free moments out at the dog truck.The day continued with a noon visit to the Horizon Lines office visit down at the Port. Three lucky dogs--JJ, Stormy, and Nutmeg--got to visit with the staff at the office. We had several photo opportunities, and enjoyed homemade dog shaped cookies (Thanks Kaz!) as well. The staff had a group photo with Aliy, Allen, and Ryne, so they can "ride along in the sled" all the way to Nome.

To finish off a successful day, Clarion Suites hosted their annual "Meet the Mushers" for Aliy, Allen and Ryne. Allen and Aliy shared their Yukon Quest and Iditarod Race wisdom with a crowd of over 150 people. They shared videos and stories of life on the Race trail, as well as a brief "show and tell" of the mandatory gear in their sleds.

Ryne received a warm welcome from the crowd as the "rookie". She shared stories of four special dogs which were able to tour around the room. Honda, Stormy, Dingle, and Tony visited with the crowd, and happily licked up dropped cookie crumbs from unsuspecting children's hands.
We are now ready to "drop" the dogs- walk them around the parking lot-and put them to sleep for tonight. Tomorrow will be a full and exciting day! We'll be sure to get lots of photos and videos to share with all of you out there. --WB


NCL said...

Sounds like awesome times for an awesome team. Your fans will be with you, as closely as possible, every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great updates!

Hoss (retired) said...

To my brother Tony...have a GREAT race!

jbhikercat said...

Hey Ryne, sorry I missed the meet and greet but was happy to get to see you out on the trail today. I'll be posting some pictures once I get them downloaded.