SP Kennel 2012 Iditarod Fan Challenge

We all know we've got many sleepless nights and unproductive work days ahead of us. We also know that SP Kennel fans are the best and most knowledgable of all.

The question is: Are you ready to get an early start on your Iditarod obsession and show the world how well you know SP Kennel?

If so, here's a challenge that's perfect for you:

Aliy and Ryne have sent me their Iditarod team rosters.

While I'm writing all the HTML code for posting them tomorrow, can you predict which dogs will be on the teams?

Put your line-ups in the comments and we'll show the sled dog world just how well SP Kennel fans know their stuff!

Go ahead, "get after it!"… You know it'll be way more fun than doing your work or getting some sleep!

(Notes & Hints: There are 16 dogs per team. Aliy's "Red Team" is the "best-of-the-best" racing dogs. Ryne's "Red & Black Team" has plenty of "veteran experience" up front and "youthful enthusiasm" in the back. If you review previous race rosters and look closely at which dogs have been racing this year, you'll have a pretty good starting point for your rosters. There's no "prize" for this contest besides public recognition of your effort and expertise… Have fun!)