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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ryne On Norton Sound

I've been looking for info on what's going on with Ryne. It appears she left Elim earlier today, went a few miles, then returned to the checkpoint. The GPS shows her still there.

In the process, I came across this video of her on the Sound. The caption reads: "I was going toward Norton Sound and happened to see this Iditarod dog musher. It shows the challenging part of mushing."

If we hear any news, we'll let you know!

Update: Ryne's back on the move out of Elim!


Hoss (ret.), Cindy and Tom said...

Hey Mac,
Who took the video, and is she ok? What happened??

Cindy & Tom & Hoss

we are all concerned!!

babs said...

WOW! Go doggies! And Ryne, of course :)

Lynne said...

Thanks for the update on Ryne! Glad she has her team moving to White Mountain:)