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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ryne into White Mountain

As I am typing this, Ryne is pulling into White Mountain. The past 48hrs will probably end up being some of the most challenging and memorable parts of her adventure.

Yesterday a storm was blowing across the Bering Sea and mushers were piling up in Shaktoolik. Ryne came along from Unalakleet, rested a few hours, and then led a charge of about a dozen mushers out onto the ice. Her lead did not last long; with winds still whipping, Ryne's dogs needed a lot of encouragment and ended up following other teams across the ice. In addition, somewhere out there, Ryne managed to bust a runner on one of her sleds. She was able to get through to us by phone from Koyuk and this started a frenzy of activity in Nome. With permission from the Race Marshall, Aliy's sled was flown to Elim to await Ryne there. This involved calls late at night to pilots in Nome and friends of friends in Elim to ensure that the sled was flown to the airport there, picked up and delivered to the checkpoint in time for Ryne's arrival. It's a lot easier to write this than it was for Bridget to make it happen.

Ryne was in the thick of the pack and after a 2hr rest in Elim she took off for White Mountain to jockey for position for the final push to Nome. It took only a few miles to realize that this was in nobody's best interest. She returned to Elim, dropped two dogs and rested for another two hours. This seems to have worked because she has flown along the trail to White Mountain in about 6hrs. She will take her mandatory 8hr rest and leave tommorrow morning at about 7am for Nome. A lot of her family is here and the rest of the SP Kennel crew is excited to see her and the dogs.

Aliy and the dogs have had lots of rest and are recovering quickly after their historic run. Yes, I said HISTORIC. As you know, this year was a personal best for her, with a total run time of 9 days, 5 hours, 29 minutes, and 10 seconds. However, it was more than just a personal best -- it made Aliy the fastest woman on the Iditarod trail to date. Though we haven’t officially heard this from the Iditarod Race Organization, we did ask long time race volunteers to verify run times. They are quite certain this fact is true. Previously, Dee Dee Jonrowe held this title with her run in 1998 when she finished second with a run time of 9 days, 8 hours, 26 minutes, 10 seconds. However, this year Aliy beat that time 3 hours and 3 minutes.

When I informed Aliy of this fact, in her typical Aliy style, she turned to Chica resting on the couch and said “You are also part of that history as one of the fastest females on the trail”. Chica twitched her ears, let out a yawn, and went back to sleep. Though both Aliy and Chica take this record in stride, it is one more reason to be proud of this amazing Iditarod Race.

We'll have more updates for you tomorrow, as her run progresses towards Nome.


Lynne said...

You are amazing, Aliy and team! The class loves the picture of Chica sleeping with Aliy!

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking, awesome and historic, what an accomplishment!
Our very best. Julie and Frita

Amy said...

We are watching Ryne as well awaiting her triumphant finish! Awesome news for Aliy to be the fastest woman!

Marla BB said...

So, basically;
After coming 2nd in this year's Iditarod, Aliy is now the top female musher in the world, & 1 of the top mushers in the world, right?...
And Joe Runyan will never forget who she is now!:)
"Estrogen rules."

Lynn Whipple, Laloba sled dogs said...

Love it! Thx for the race update & insight on what the mushers are encountering out on the trail! Congrats to Alie for your HISTORIC race & we are cheering Ryne & her team on to Nome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Will be watching for Ryne to come in:)
And I love that Chica is on the couch, good for her!!
Congrats to the team, awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Go, Ryne, GO! Following your race all the way and wishing you well I sure envy you this awesome team and great experience on the trail. You do awesome and are the true rookie of the year in this 1. 1000 miler. We send you a big smile. Dogs and Musher. What a race. What a great kennel showing it's best again.

Another Anne said...

Congratulations! It's amazing what a very accomplished woman and her "tiny little huskies" can do!

Mist Over Venice said...

I've been a fan of Aliy's for a long time, and although I've only been "lurking" on the boards, I wanted to take time to comment and say how extremely proud I am of Aliy and Ryne and all those wonderful furry pups! And Thank you to all of you who have been posting updates and giving us the chance to follow along on this tremendous race!

Amy and Lyle said...

Congratulations from Amy and "Papa san".
i don't know if you remember us from the Baja sea kayaking trip years ago, but we've enjoyed following your iditarod runs since then. My daughters school follows the race every year and she has chosen you the last two to follow. We are so excited for you!
amy mcreynolds and chuck herz

Libby the Lab said...

Will be watching for Ryne on the Nome web cam today.
Congrats to Aliy on the new record. I would add the word EPIC to HISOTRIC!!!

Linda F said...

Wow! Congratulations on a new record, Aliy! First woman to win the Yukon Quest and now the fastest time for a woman doing the Iditarod! What a great race!

Am anxiously awaiting Ryne's finish in Nome! What an experience! Looking forward to race notes from both Aliy and Ryne!

Great job SP Kennel - pre-races, Yukon Quest, Iditarod - you've had an amazing year!!

Anonymous said...

I never found who on Aliy's team go dropped in the final runs. Just wondering about the ten that finished and who they were. I keep watching the video and I'm just not sure about a couple of them.

I too have the same questions about Rynes team. Just when ever you get a chance to answer. It's not like you guys are busy or anything! NOT!!!

Thanks to the whole SP Kennel group. It has been an exciting year and you all should be proud of your accomplishments! My love to you all and the dogs.

Starla said...

Wow! this explains so much. I thought Rynes GPS just went wacky. Thanks to everyone who worked to get her back on the trail again. Ryne and Ally you both Rock and so do your dogs!

Now is Ally going to beat her new record next year or is Ryne going to take her down????? :)

Anonymous said...

Aliy is now the top female musher in the world!! I have followed for a few years now, just wish I had funds to help support SP Kennels.
Congrats to all.

Bob Alberta

Anonymous said...

Holy crow - a world record. Aliy, you totally rock! We knew you were great, but wow - you're awesome! Hope you thoroughly enjoy the banquet and the honors.

Eileen in Maryland

Margaret said...

My deeply held thanks for letting your Internet visitors share the experience of Iditarod #40.

All 2-legged and 4-legged members of the Red Team deserve special praise for their performance and sportsmanship.

Not to mention a big woof, woof, woof!!! Sincerely,