Got Valium?

As I'm sure you all have seen, Dallas left White Mountain 63 minutes ahead of Aliy. That means the Red Team has a big -- huge, maybe insurmountable -- challenge to catch him. They will have to average almost a minute a mile faster to do it. That would be an enormous accomplishment!

But you just never know what might happen in the Iditarod. Remember when Aliy broke her sled at White Mountain and had to limp to Nome on one runner? Anything is possible in this race!

Also very stressful for all of us -- and certainly for Aliy, too -- is that Ramey Smyth has also just left White Mountain, less than an hour after her. Ramey is well known for very fast finishing speeds, so we'll all have to hang on tight and hope the Red Team can stave him off!

I expect none of us will get anything done today besides clicking refresh buttons and checking our blood pressure!