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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 8 - Iditarod 2012 - The Coast

Aliy and the Red Team are currently on the trail to Koyuk. They left Shaktoolik at 9:15 pm AST, 12 dogs still in harness. Dallas Seavey went through Shak, but appears to have stopped at a small cabin right before the trail heads out over the frozen bay. He too is under way again about 2 miles ahead.

At this point in the race, the strategies have all been played. Now it is time to see how they worked. It is all up to the dogs' and mushers' training and force of will as they make their way to White Mountain and then on to Nome.

A video of Aliy and the team out of Shaktoolik was posted on Aliy's Facebook page. Thank you, Sandra. Here is the link:

Ryne is in Kaltag, having made excellent time down the Yukon. Derek flew over her, poling down the river and waived his wings at her. She waved back heartily. Hope she knows how much we are thinking of her and cheering her on.

The Portage Trail this evening will still be cold for her, but Unalakleet is a light in the tunnel for her. I expect that she will begin to race a bit more seriously once she gets there and with the amount of rest her dogs and she have had, she could easily start passing people.

I spent the day emailing strategy with Randy Chappel yesterday. His first Iditarod's schedule was very similar to Ryne's (Aliy's influence there too) and he began "picking teams off" once he hit the coast. A good omen for Ryne!

The SP Crew in Unalakleet reported seeing Bonita in the dog drop area, having been flown over from Kaltag. It was indeed Bonita and Scooter that Aliy dropped there.

Now my biggest worry is if my flight will get me to Nome in time!


Starla said...

Go Ryne!! What a great race far this year! How do the dogs handle being dropped?

Meryn said...

Great picture of Aliy and her dogs here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=407897655903689&set=a.190958974264226.61892.145077135519077&type=1

Lisa B said...

Go Ryne! Great rookie race, she's doing SPK proud. Aliy is impressive too of course - that goes without saying. Still cheering loudly for the Red Team. Hope you get to Nome on time Kaz, safe travels.

Marla BB said...

Just because Joe Runyan is now mentioning Aliy's name more doesn't change how he dotes on Dallas & the rest of the men. It's still hard to read his love affairs with the male mushers. Where's more Bruce Lee?
Iditarod's got do something about this next year. Aliy was voted by her peers to represent the mushers on Iditarod board. This ancient champ is out of the loop...
Sorry for venting here SP, but I want praise where praise is due.
What's a little frostbite?:) Go get it Aliy, bath'll be waiting for you sooner you get home in Nome! SP Kennel just keeps going above & beyond. Thanx

Linda F said...

Kaz, sure hope you don't miss seeing the finish! You've worked so hard behind the scenes!!

All my thoughts, prayers, good wishes are with Aliy and Ryne and the SP Kennel team! What a great year! This has been an amazing race to watch!!

SP Kennel - KAZ said...

I'll make it! Though I spent from 2 to 4 am calculating run times. Not a good time to do that!!!

No worries Marla. Totally understand! But don't tell my mom about the frostbite.

Anonymous said...

That team photo is awesome! Might be time for a new "header" photo for the site!

gjgrogg2001@yahoo.com said...

Marla ... well said. We can all let the folks know we didn't know enough about our musher because we were hearing about the authors favs.
kaz ... safe travels ... and if you think of it at the finish line give everyone a hug from us. Lordy, so I wish I was there to greet you all.
Warmest of wishes for safe travels and God's continued blessings.
Don & Jennifer [the potlickers!! :)]

babs said...

Talking strategies with Randy Chappel? I met Randy the day before the Ceremonial Start when he brought his gear & Legacy, his last Iditarod dog, to speak at my school. He was fantastic!! And I loved the Cha-cha backstory!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dogs, beautiful team, beautiful work. You ALL deserve kudos. Great Job !

Team M.~