Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 6 - Iditarod 2012 - The Mighty Yukon

March 9, 2012 11 pm AST

Aliy and the Red Team arrived in Galena at 3:53 pm AST and declared her 8 hour Mandatory Yukon River Rest. She and the dogs looked great coming in. Head Checker and fellow musher Jon Korta greeted Aliy with a hug and an excellent parking place.

Aliy said the trail was a bit punchy and slower than she had hoped. It was a good time for the dogs to have a nice long rest. We hope to hear from her before she leaves this evening. She can pull the hook at 11:53 pm AST.

As we know, Aliy is running her own race and at the moment, it is unlike any of the other top mushers'. The Seaveys are running their own race as well. It appears that Aliy gained time on Mitch with her run into Galena, but lost some time to Dallas. What this will mean in the end is anyone's guess. Both Seaveys will need to stop again along the river before Kaltag. Aliy may or may not.

Temperatures will become a player tonight, possibly dropping off to 40 below on the river as the leaders head to Nulato. This should firm up the trail, but will be harder on the dogs and especially the mushers.

Ryne is continuing to cruise along. She arrived at Cripple at 8:05 am AST with 14 dogs and rested there for a little over 6 hours. She did drop a dog before heading back out on the trail. Ryne and 13 dogs headed out towards the Yukon River at 2:06 pm AST. I wish I had more information to share with you about them, but Iditarod media seems to be focusing entirely on the leaders of the race this year.

At this point, we know that the dog Aliy dropped in Ruby was Viper. The Anchorage Daily News reported that Aliy said he was getting too thin. We don't know who Ryne left in Cripple though. Meg should be back in Anchorage this evening. Doug is helping the Iditarod pick up a large number of dogs flying in tonight.

As a quick final note, I have been receiving a lot of comments and emails about the Iditarod's coverage of Aliy on the race. I felt like I needed to respond to this. First, I would like to point out that the video coverage by Bruce Lee have been excellent. He seems to be really trying to give an overall view of the race. There are several videos on the Iditarod Insider of Aliy and the dogs.

As Aliy's sister, I do get frustrated in the lack of coverage of her by Iditarod's print journalist, but Aliy is speaking for herself with her race and her dogs. Many other news outlets are hearing her. With the large number of comments we at SP are getting, I am sure the Iditarod is getting more. Perhaps they will ask why the musher who has been in the lead much of the race and who, even when resting, hasn't fallen out of the top 5 was the only top musher not discussed today.

Just remember, Aliy isn't doing this for headlines. She is just running her race to the best of her and her dogs abilities.


A good article about Aliy in Galena:

Allen wore a camera for the Ceremonial Start in Anchorage for APR. Here is the link to it.


Anonymous said...

Media coverage... Aliy is a force with which to be reckoned and maybe some just aren't going to give her that ,territorial stuff, I think, but she earns her way and we know it! I see the words impeccable, strong, all about the dogs, etc. in the fair coverages... that's Aliy. I agree, she doesn't need the hype, or the distraction of media stir... look at her go... I'm going to print and frame some of these race logs... WOW!!! Go, Aliy!! And kudos to Danny Seavey's praise, too! A lot of great people out there, on by.... YEA, ALIY!!! doing the race proud!! Julie

kellerfrau said...

Hello from Germany!

I was so ticked off by the ignorance of the media towards Aliy's performance that I made a customized Playmobil figure as a tribute:


Anonymous said...

Go Aliy!!!! Glued to the computer here in Tennessee, cheering for you and the dogs to be first into Nome.
Thanks to all for the great coverage.

NCL said...

You guys are awesome. You prove it every day. That's it!

tmcaleer said...

Hi Kaz,

Not only am I disappointed in not hearing about Aliy, I am disappointed here in the lower 48 that we have not heard much at all about the race in general.

Go Aliy Goooooooo!! Wooooooo Woooooo!


Cassandra said...

From another female dog handler (drastically different sport), I have nothing but heartfelt respect as I cheer you on from the distant sidelines. You are an inspiration - your calm confidence in the dogs that you are nurturing. It's a beautiful work of art to watch! We're all here cheering for you and saying "thank you" so very much for letting us watch you and participate vicariously in your journey.

Best wishes,

Mike Davis said...

Couldn't agree more, Kaz. Talk is cheap, but being in the lead says more that a hundred second-hand news stories.

Aliy is running a solid, consistent schedule with only as much regard for the course and competition as is minimally necessary. Eat when you are hungry, rest when you are tired, and run all the other times. So what that the checkpoints don't coincide with the dogs' schedule. At this point, there are only 2 checkpoints that need to coincide: White Mountain and Nome.
It is a beautiful thing to watch, even from a computer screen.

Anonymous said...

Time to borrow Allen's little ditty from the YQ with some small changes.

Poleing, poleing, poleing
the Yukon River is frozen,

keep on paddling and poleing – To Nome!

Snow and wind and temperatures, harness’s and tuglines tight,

down the trail at a trail eating pace

All the things I’m miss’n, good chow and sleep’n,

are waiting at the end of the trail

line em out, down the trail
feed em up, massage’m out
rest em up, line em out
To Nome!

Red Team - You can do it!!
Happy Feet all the way to Nome!

Anonymous said...

You go! You're way out there now.

Ted Herlinger

TeamMelAndrews said...

Aily interview: "Give me a G" (for Galena) & my leaders turned"....That was hilarious!!! Keep up the awesome work. Best of luck & Happy Trails, from mushers in Tolga, Norway. Mel Andrews

Lisa said...

If the iditarod doesn't want to hear about not covering the race leader, the iditarod should cover the race leader. It's not the fans' responsibility to cover the race fairly.

Chris K said...

Got my fingers crossed!!!!!! Press, what Press?
Ryne seems to be doing pretty well too.
I can remember when you were handling.
Best to you and thank your sister for keeping up the blog and keeping the news fresh.

Anonymous said...

Aliy is a class act and a wonderful representative of the sport. We noticed the media was dismissive of her and attributed it to gender bias among male writers and male mushers. Maybe a cultural thing in Alaska?

Some of the comments about her and the team made little sense, Medred or Runyan discussing the SP dogs were too small compared to Baker's etc. and therefore a disadvantage. Really? Yet many of the dogs were the same ones that finished less than a minute behind Neff at the YQ.

Don't worry about the media: much of the time they come off sounding like idiots because their bias is so transparent. Aliy and SP has a strong fan base and we all think she's doing a terrific job. Rooting for her all the way. A fan from California. Go Aliy!

Paul Whitney said...

I am loving this race and the way Aliy is managing it! It is exciting to witness a true sportswoman lead by example during a race which is inundated with champions.

Swanny said...

I suspect that Aliy is probably pretty happy to avoid some of the intrusions that the media people tend to present. Let them interview the "guys" so Aliy can take care of her team and of herself.

Linda Toth said...

As I type this, she is nearing Kaltag and 3 hours ahead of her competitors .. not quite a check point ahead, but certainly getting there. I am beside myself - so far, very good.

Her team is strong and she is strong - but I never really think of triumph until White Mountain, you know? It's going to be an intensely computer focused weekend.

Mike Davis said...

Anyone looking for Aliy to fade has got to be disappointed by the 9.5 mph run between Nulato and Kaltage. Without stopping to rest in Nulato. Can't wait to see the arrival video.

Margaret said...

The ADN says Aliy is going to stay in Kaltag for a while - how long is that?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for filling in the detail coz the media team at the race sure aren't.

But what a race Aliy is running? She sure is inspiration

Anonymous said...

Thanks for filling in the detail coz the media team at the race sure aren't.

But what a race Aliy is running? She sure is inspiration

Anonymous said...

Cheering you on from Oregon. Go Aliy!

AussieAlaskan said...

From so far away and not being an "insider" I didn't realise the press was overlooking the leader - that's funny and their loss. I love the care and respect Aliy and SP have always shown for the dogs and I'm thrilled they are doing so well now - and good luck to them! Whatever happens, she and the dogs are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

hi i hope you win good luck!

Anonymous said...

you rock big time hoping you beat every one tell the dogs i said hi extra big smile :D good luck