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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aliy Zirkle Iditarod 2nd Place Finish.wmv


thingy said...

Awesome race! Congrats, Aliy and beautiful doggies.

Kizmin Reeves said...


Marcela said...

Congratulations for your victory and your incredible spirit! It was a very moving race even since here, Santiago de Chile.
¡Salud, Ally!
Marcela (teacher, Iditarod member)

Margaret said...

What a wonderful team!!!

WOOF, WOOF!!! And woof!!! to you Aliy, the heroine of the Yukon!!!
(And not just the Quest or even the Iditarod.)

And it is so good to see the four-legged athletes wagging their tails as they finish 10 days on the trail!!!

Thank you for letting us all share this fantastic experience! Sincerely,

Linda Toth said...

Although the video on the Iditarod Insider was really good, and gave her a lot of video time as the 2nd finisher, this is the one that moved me to tears.

Our team!

Anonymous said...

How thrilling to reach the arch! Tears and cheers all around. Your race was awesome - girl power at its finest. You are a great role model for all aspiring young mushers and dog lovers. Thanks for the thrills this past week. Did you hear us cheering in Maryland?

Eileen in Maryland

babs said...

Congratulations, Aliy! What a fantastic race! You never lost your sense of humor! You & the dogs showcased SP Kennel & all that it stands for & you have made legions proud to be SP Kennel fans.

Anonymous said...

I love your spirit Aliy. Following you from SD and am so happy to see you on the video today! Congratulations! I love to see you greet each dog as you arrive. Your heart is tender and your spirit is strong!

Anonymous said...


What an amazing effort! I watched every video of you from this race. You are a very gracious competitor. No matter how tired you were and no matter how much you wanted to just get about the business of caring for your dogs and yourself, you always had time to talk and smile. I loved that picture of the girl asking you for your autograph. She looked so thrilled to be with you. And that one video of the elderly Alaskan native...her pride in what you were doing was priceless.

You are awesome, Aliy...a true champ.

Dana Joyner said...

Aliy & SP kennel athletes,
Even though I couldn't be in Nome this year to watch your incredible
2nd place finish, please know that we were there with you in spirit. You go girl!!! We are so proud of you and the 4 legged kiddos and very proud to be an SP Kennel sponsor. Please make sure that all of the 4 legged kiddos get lots of hugs and kisses from Blossom and I. She is sitting here with me now listening to the noise from the chute video with her ears up.
Congratulations from Reading, PA. Truly awesome race and a truly awesome team!
& Blossom A-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o

Alicia Wood said...

Congratulations, Aliy! You are such an inspiration! Laurel and our whole family have been cheering you and Ryne on from Texas and Wyoming. Laurel has such great memories of how great you both were to her last year. We hope to see you in action again live!
Alicia, Scott and Laurel

Chip Gifford said...

Congratulations, Aliy

Fantastic! You had me on pins and needles the whole rtime. I have been watching you for many years. This was a great race. Say hi to Mickey and Doug.


Anonymous said...

Simply Awesome! I know you and your family and dogs will be smiling about this for a long time!
Congrats! Kelly from Miami:)

Anonymous said...

Watching this brought tears to my eyes and I just don't know why. Great Run Aliy and the doggies! Very proud of your accomplishment with love all the way from Wisconsin!

Unknown said...

Awesome run, awesome lady, awesome team. You are an inspiration. Your dogs obviously wanted to make you proud too.. Great job!

Anonymous said...

What an inspiration! Great job to you and your dogs and I look forward to watching race next year.