Aliy First to the Coast

Aliy arrived at Unalakleet at 7:28 am AST. She and the dogs looked good coming into the checkpoint, though Aliy did look like it had been very cold out there on the trail. Unalakleet is reporting temperature of -35 degrees. That means that spots on the trail were likely much colder.

Being the first to arrive in Unalakleet, Aliy received the Gold Coast Award presented by Wells Fargo. Scotty Watkins, Nome's Wells Fargo Branch Manager and Aliy's son in law, presented her with a beautiful gold cup, $2500 worth of Nome gold and a Van Zile print. SP Kennel will be paying for dog food with gold this summer!

Dallas Seavey arrived in Nome 51 minutes after Aliy and Burmeister shortly after.