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Friday, March 16, 2012

Aliy Arrives in Nome Video - Dog Level


Anonymous said...

Can you name those dogs for us?

SP Kennel - KAZ said...

The dogs came into Nome in this order:

Quito and Beemer up front.
Nacho and Scruggs in swing.
Then Dingle and Willie.
Tatfish and Chica.
And in wheel.... Biscuit and Rambler!

The dogs moved around in the team through out the race. However, Quito was in lead the ENTIRE race. She was helped up front by Beemer, Dingle, Olivia, Chica and Scruggs.

Anonymous said...

Go Rambler!!

Anonymous said...

A few years back (probably 3 or so) I was camping at Lake Wenatchee State park in central Washington. My wife and I were walking our boxers and this man jumped out of his camper and asked if he could give our dogs a treat. We don’t typically allow that but the dogs really weren’t about to listen to us.

This was our introduction to Macgellan and every time we walked the dogs, out came the treats. One night we heard some noise outside our camper and it was Mac with friends reviewing some dog races in Alaska on his computer. I asked him about it the next day and this was when I first learned about SP Kennels. We’ve been hooked ever since.

The excitement this year reached an all time high and I am amazed at the number of hours I spent watching the logs, blogs and websites for all the races. And best of all, what great results for everyone. Mac, thank you for introducing me to SP Kennels!

Allen, Aliy, Ryne, all the helpers and especially all the SP Kennel canine athletes, congratulations to all of you for a job extremely well done.

Frank in Wenatchee
PS .. I miss seeing Happy out there

Macgellan said...

Hi Frank!

Thanks for the flashback!... That was a great little campground, made even better by meeting you and your dogs!

It has indeed been a fantastic season for SP Kennel... I've always been proud of the whole pack, and am even more proud now than ever!

Delighted to count you among the loyal, long-term fans and supporters... How about a dog sponsorship for you?... Being a dog sponsor takes the experience to an even higher level! (I strongly recommend Moxie who made it to Nome this year, or Chemo who very nearly made the team as an almost two year old!)

I miss seeing Happy on the trail, too... Though I think her racing career -- brief but celebrated as it was -- may be over... There are just too many younger dogs who are "better" than her in harness... Though I doubt there will ever be a dog with a story as good as hers!

Thanks again for keeping in touch!

Best, Mac