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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

About the Mask

As Aliy is resting at Takotna and Ryne is making her way to McGrath, many people have asked about the artist who created the Spirit Mask. Artist Orville Lund of Bristol Bay created the mask to portray the union of the spirits of dogs and musher. Neat article about it:



NCL said...

The blending of two spirits into one is a perfect award for Aliy and team!

Anonymous said...

does Aliy take her 24 hour layover in Takotna?

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful mask for a beautiful dog team (and athlete woman !)
Aliy is the first woman to ever win it. Prime !!!
Go dogs go. Great race.

Team Miller ~

Anonymous said...

So Fantastic, the video in McGrath was so wonderful with Aliy taking the time to autograph for that girl. She and the dogs look wonderful. Ryne looks like she is on her way to Takotna. Way to go Ryne. GO ALIY AND RYNE GO. Maureen W

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do to update us! Is Aliy taking one of her mandatory layovers in Takotna?

Kiz said...

Fly you all!

Anonymous said...

Way to go you furry athletes and Aliy! I came home from work today and my son told me about this HUGE achievement!

We are so proud of the WHOLE team! Not that we are anymore prouder than we already have been for simply years but it sure will pretty on the wall! Spirit of Alaska Award.. What a perfect name for a award for you all! *smiles*

Stay safe!

Marie's Family