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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Two Rivers Checkpoint and Onwards

Allen came through Two Rivers checkpoint about 10:15 pm last night. He didn't stay long, just passed through after camping a bit before the checkpoint. He looked well, and the dogs were rested and ready to run. It was a beautiful night, with a bright moon shining over the hills and mountains. The temperature hovered right around O degrees with a light wind. It was a great night to be out mushing.

He seemed to have a longer run over Rosebud into 101 mile checkpoint. We believe he took his four hour mandatory rest there at 101. His tracker was stopped, and then began moving earlier this morning. We are waiting to confirm his rest, and catch up on his and the dogs' conditions from Ryne and Bob. There is no cell service in that area, but they are carrying a satellite phone.

According to the tracker map, Allen is just cresting Eagle summit, and headed towards Central Checkpoint. Bob and Ryne will be waiting for him there to supply him with his drop bags and whatever else he will need for his run to Circle. Hopefully, we'll have some posts and pictures from Ryne this afternoon.
We'll keep you posted!

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Great update, thank you! Julie