On the Trail to Whitehorse

Allen and the Black Team are on their way to Whitehorse and I know I won't be alone wearing out the refresh key tonight. The SP Crew over in Canada are heading to different locations to cheer him along. It will be a long, exciting night.

Over in Alaska, it was Iditaord Food Drop Day. All of the dog food, people food, gear and equipment that Aliy and Ryne will need for their Iditarod runs were due today. Packed in easy to handle bags, mounded onto pallets and shrink wrapped to keep them together, everything will be trucked down to Anchorage where the Iditarod will sort them into checkpoints and send them out onto the trail.

The bags this year where not as heavy as last years. Typical Aliy, there is lots of dog food and gear, a decent amount of people food and hardly anything for Aliy. The dogs are always first in her mind.

So here are the numbers:
Aliy - 1473 lbs
Ryne - 1547 lbs

And who guessed the closest:
"My guess is:1490 for Aliy, 1610 for Ryne" - Edwin Le Doux
Congratulations Edwin!

Ryne and Bob at AirLand

Kaz and Bob at AirLand

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