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Sunday, February 12, 2012


As we all watch Allen and the Black Team on their amazing run in the Yukon Quest, every part of the kennel is in motion. Aliy, Ray, Wes and Wendy were at Carmacks during Allen's 4 hour stay. On the Quest, a handlers job is never done. They get to clean up after the team leaves and then worries them to the next checkpoint. We hope they are managing to get a little sleep too!!

Allen pulled the hook at 8:01 PST after a 4 hour rest and just minutes behind Hugh Neff. The Black Team still has 11 dogs and Quito and Olivia are still in lead. They are very focused. Allen is in full race mode now. He left his sled's seat and any spare weight he could behind at Carmacks. This run should be 10 to 12 hours to Braeburn and will be over lots of lakes and most likely overflow. There is a mandatory 8 hour rest in Braeburn before the final push into Whitehorse.

On the completely other side of the kennel's current operations, Ryne, Derek, Kaz (me) and Sammy spent the day finishing off Food Drop Bags for Aliy and Ryne's Iditarod runs. They are due tomorrow morning. While you are biting your nails watching Allen, give us a guess at this year's total weights. One for Aliy's bags and one for Ryne's. I'll let you know tomorrow!

Here are some pictures from the kennel today.

Ryne Packing Her Drop Bags for Takotna

Ryne and Derek Packing Drop Bags

Aliy's Bags Ready to Go!

Ryne's Bags Ready to Go!!


Marla BB said...

Hey Kaz,
I think the real guess should be how many pounds Allen's lost during Yukon Quest? Especially through this last homestretch! Nothing like a couple of Copper Basin wins to keep you used to polein'& pumpin' for a few hundred miles! Are our hearts poundin' just watchin' or what?!...

Lisa B said...

Thanks for including info about the Iditarod drop bag prep - I was thinking it was getting to be about that time...

Based on past year's weight I'm going with:
3270 in total
1610 for Aliy
1660 for Ryne - I'm guessing more weight for her due to "rookie bulge"

Exciting and busy times for all of you - thanks for taking the time to post.

Go Black Team!

Anonymous said...

Aliy's = 625 lbs.

Ryne's = 675 lbs.


SP Kennel - KAZ said...

Marla - I'm betting 20 lbs. Allen always loses a lot.

KB said...

Hi Home Team,
Thanks for the updates Kaz. It has been nice to read the blog while following Allen's race. I got up just to check on where he is. The article from Newsminer.com on penalties has excellent quotes from Allen, giving a little tiny insight as to what is going on between him and Hugh. What an exciting race!
Go Allen and Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Allen and dogs are doing so well, can't stop checking on them here in Wisconsin... the dogs really LOOK good too.

Like that the bags are marked FREEZE and hope the weather holds to do that.

What top notch team you all are!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm guessing 2700 lb for food bags ?? Julie

Anonymous said...

My guess is:
1490 for Aliy
1610 for Ryne

Edwin Le Doux

Anne said...

Let's see... last year was 2991 lbs together, but that included "extra food for Allen." He's not racing this year... BUT Aliy mentioned in Dawson that his Yukon Quest team was a big-eating team. Since many of those dogs will likely be on Aliy's Iditarod team, I'm going to guess that maybe she's taking more dogfood this year.
So I'm going to guess 3300 lbs together.

Anonymous said...

Drop bag weights

Aliy - 1590
Ryne - 1690

As for the current race - YQ -
Black Team, you are looking so very good! Keep the Happt Feet turning over on down the trail.

Susan said...

Ryne, do you know yet who your team members will be? This may seem to be an odd request but I really, really need to know when someone can let me know. You'll find out why soon.